1. Verify your work email

We don't use or link your work email to your account. Use it only to receive your invite and get the option to hide the company you work for and stay 100% anonymous.

Verify your work email

2. Browse and discuss

Discover exciting projects and be part of insightful discussions. You can search by company, category and project status.

Browse and discuss

3. Write about an idea or side-project

Write a few lines about your current side-project or idea. You can choose to stay anonymous if you prefer.

Idea or Side-Project


Can I sign-up if I don't work in one of these companies?

Yes, you can use your day-job email address to receive an invite, but if it's a new and unverified company, you will need to complete an extra step before you can add a post.

What if I don't have a side project?

You can still browse through other member side-projects and be part of insightful discussions. You might even get inspired to start or join another project. Also, feel free to talk about anything else related to tech and side projects :)

How can I stay anonymous?

Just like on Hacker News, you can use any username you wish, and that's the only public information displayed on the site. You can also hide the name and logo from the company of your day job.

How can I connect with other users?

You can click on "Ask to connect" to share a short intro about yourself along with your contact details. The other part will then be notified and have the option to get in touch with you if they wish.

Discover interesting side projects from makers at top companies.

We've relaunched the platform as invite-only. Please drop us a note at admin at this domain name if you would like to say hi :)